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Community Awareness




Part of our mission is to bring awareness to the community as it relates to conditions that could have an effect on our quality of life.

Medical Device Awareness is our first project. Walking On Water Outreach Ministries objective of this initiative is to connect with law enforcement and the public, in general, to bring attention to those active citizens in our communities who have life-sustaining medical devices. 


In our current political and social climate, some of the concealed medical devices can be perceived at first glance as a type of weapon.


I currently wear an LVAD a left ventricular assist device that is attached to my heart. However, the components such as the batteries and controller are on the outside of my body. I have clothing (see slide-show below) that conceals the device.


I have already experienced the uneasy stares from other citizens and being in a "Right to carry State."  concern for myself and others with medical devices is the engine that runs this awareness program.

My first visit to the Paulding County Police Department was very positive. Pictures were taken to put out a notice countywide about the LVAD.